Life Groups

SONrise Life Groups are small groups of people who meet regularly and do life together. Jesus said, "Go into the world and make disciples." (Matthew 28:19) At SONrise, we believe the most effective way to make disciples is through life groups. People in life groups meld and mature as they learn to study the Bible together, pray together, help meet each others needs, and serve the church and community together.

At SONrise, we encourage believers and seekers alike to be involved in BOTH corporate worship and life groups. We have life groups that meet throughout the week. 

LG Brochures are available at the church office and at the Welcome Table at our weekend worship gatherings. Feel free to contact one of the staff with more questions!


SONsisters is a ministry of our SONrise for women of all stages of life where we can come together as women and build deeper relationships, have fun and grow closer as sisters in Christ.  

If you have a desire to build relationships with other women who love Jesus and desire to live for Him, SONsisters is the place for you!  

We would love to see you there! 

See upcoming events here.

Young Adults and College

At SONrise we have many young adults and college students who are living to make known the living Christ. We encourage you to join our Young Adult Life Group (age 18-25) that typically meets on Sunday nights at 6pm.  

As a young adult seeking to grow in your relationship with God it is important to learn how to serve in His church, the body of Christ. We encourage you to serve on one of our SONrise Service Teams.  

Meets Wednesday nights @ 6pm

Contact Logan (307.575.5236) or Beth (307.575.0476) for info/directions!

SON moms -Moms of Munchkins is a life group geared towards moms of elementary aged kiddos and younger. We meet weekly to invest in God and each other through a variety of topics and studies.

We currently offer two times that we meet: Wednesday  mornings at 9am and  Monday nights at 7pm.  Both groups go through the same study, so when life gets hectic or kids get sick you still have options to stay connected.  If you would like more information about our group please send a message to: