Nextgen Handbook

Being on the same page and knowing what to expect is sometimes quite necessary. Check out what the mission of our NextGen ministry is as well as the ins and outs of our rhythms and team structures. To access the full document, click the link. Policy_Handbook_FULL.pdf 

For specific areas of service, scroll down.

SONkidz areas of service

It takes the individual giftings of many people to pull off a Sunday morning. Our goal is to fill 16 positions each weekend.  This ensures small groups stay small and as a result, kids have a greater chance of being known on a deeper level and kept safe.  We need everything from practice field coordinators to craft helpers to main teachers. If you are looking for a place that fits your passion, we can plug you in! 

  • Check-in team members are the first impressions of SONkidz. Once the check-in kiosk is all set up, they assist parents as they come, welcome families, help visitors know where to go, and hand out monthly newsletters.  During the service they are there to help with teachers as needed. If a parent needs notified of an issue or a class needs a spare set of hands during a potty break, they are the ones who will take care of it. At the conclusion of the worship service, these team members help reconnect kids with their parents during the check-out process. 

  • Practice field coordinators help set the environment and attitude for the K-5th graders on a given Sunday.  They welcome kids by name and with excitement into the practice field at 9:45 and coordinate an activity that goes along with the monthly theme of SONkidz. They also have opportunities to practice their monthly memory verses. At 10:00, the final group of kids is walked over to their classes and these team members clean up and join the worship service. 

  • We are often the first introduction to church for these babes. Many have not experienced mom or dad leaving them with another adult. It is important we create an environment where they are loved and begin to hear the name of Jesus spoken. We like to read the same Bible stories the SONsmallz class reviews each week and incorporate songs and play that fits developmentally with the stage of these little ones. 

  • These smallz are FULL of energy so it is important for them that we create opportunities to move around. The 2-5 years olds in this group love to watch "Ollie" as he shares the main point for the week and introduces them to their Bible story in the Clubhouse. Each Sunday consists of large group worship and story time as well as smaller group crafts and activities. 

  • This K-5th grade group is beginning to dig deeper into the Word and discover that the God of the universe loves them and has a great purpose for their life. Each Sunday we have large group time all together with worship and a story before breaking off into K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th grade small groups. Ouyr goals is that groups remain small so that each child has a chance to be known and cared for by their small group leaders. 

  • As part of a team, there are certain things expected of us. Each member needs to feel comfortable signing our team member agreement before teaching in any of the areas of NextGen. Click the link to review this document.