Life groups

SONrise Life Groups are small groups of people who meet regularly and do life together. Jesus said, "Go into the world and make disciples." (Matthew 28:19) At SONrise, we believe the most effective way to make disciples is through life groups. People in life groups meld and mature as they learn to study the Bible together, pray together, help meet each others needs, and serve the church and community together.

At SONrise, we encourage believers and seekers alike to be involved in BOTH corporate worship and life groups. We have life groups that meet throughout the week.

LG Brochures are available at the church office and at the Welcome Table at our weekend worship gatherings. Feel free to contact one of the staff with more questions!




At SONrise our mission for our children’s ministry is to love children and teach them about Jesus. We do this through teaching Bible stories, singing, and playing. Our children are divided into four groups: SONbabes (infant-age 1), SONtots (age 2-3), SONkidz 4K (age 4-Kindergarden) and SONkidz 1-2 (1st - 2nd grade). We are currently going through The Jesus Storybook Bible. The SONbabes and SONtots meet in the Brand Room and the two SONkidz groups meet in the 4-H building, just south of the Rendezvous Center.  

Upper elementary and middle school


@ Crossroads Music Cafe (1901 Main Street)

3rd to 5th grade 4pm -5:00 pm

6th to 8th grade  6pm-7pm

High school

Wednesday Nights

@ Crossroads Music Cafe (1901 Main Street)

7:30pm – 9pm


At SONrise we have many young adults and college students who are living to make known the living Christ. We encourage you to join our Young Adult Life Group (age 18-25) that currently meets on Wednesday nights.  


At SONrise, worship is not just something we do on Sunday. Everything in our life flows out of our worship. What we value in our everyday life can become the thing that we worship. Our desire is to practice corporate worship through the word, song, prayer and fellowship on Sunday morning so that we can go out during the week to worship God in our personal life, our family, our job, and our community.  

Service teams

Children's Ministry Team

Do you love kids? Love teaching kids about Jesus? At SONrise we provide SONbabes (infant - age 1); SONtots (age 2-3); SONkidz 4-K (age 4-Kindergarten) and SONkidz 1-2 (1st-2nd grade). Contact Megan Parker if you would like to serve on one of these teams (once every eight weeks).

Youth Ministry Team

Do you like to shave your head, stay up late, and drink Mountain Dew? Then we have a job for you! You can be a part of helping shape the next generation! We would love to get you involved with our youth. Our main youth ministry time happens on Wednesday nights from 4-8:30pm. Contact Cristine Braddy if you would like to serve.  

Coffee Team

This team arrives early on Sunday mornings to prepare coffee, then provides a welcoming atmosphere for others to enjoy a cup of coffee while connecting before the Worship Service. Contact Wayne and Barb Erickson if you would like to serve on this team (one Sunday per month).

Set Up / Clean Up Team

This team arrives early to provide a clean and comfortable environment for our Worship Services each Sunday morning, by ensuring the Rendezvous Center is cleaned, and chairs, stage, sound, and nursery equipment is set up properly. This team also stays after to clean up and ensure we leave the room in its original order. Contact Casey Essert if you would like to serve on this team (one Sunday per month).

Fellowship Meals Team

This team sets up and cleans up before and after our fellowship meals on the first Sunday of every month. Contact Laura Schaefer if you would like to serve on this team (first Sunday of each month).

Greeting Team

This team hands out bulletins and provides a friendly and welcoming greeting as people arrive to worship service. Contact Marlisa Hall if you would like to serve on this team (approximately once every six weeks).

Worship Team

Are you interested in being a part of the worship team, sound, or running the computer or video camera during the worship services? If you have a heart for worship, we invite you to join us! Contact Pastor Paul if you would like to serve on this team (most serve once or twice a month).