Welcome parents!

Our mission in SONkidz is to partner with families as we create a safe, engaging place for kids to develop an authentic, personal faith in Jesus. 

Our desire is to come alongside you in discipling your child. Sunday mornings are just one opportunity to plant seeds of faith in the heart of a child. Because of this, we like to provide "At Home" materials for you each week so you can take the lessons into your home. If you miss a weekend, check out the "AT HOME" section below. You will find additional resources to dig into the Word as a family


*For detailed information about our ministry and what to expect on a Sunday morning, please click the link below to read our letter to parents. 


  God knew what He was doing when he chose you to be the parent of your child.  Don't get concerned looking around, simply look UP! 


AT Home

Our desire is for the conversations that occur on Sunday mornings to make their way into your home during the week. Find this week's materials listed below. Click on the black highlighted text for a link to all materials. (You will need to create a Ministry Grid account the first time you access it.)

Upcoming ACTIVITIES/Events

June 4-7 5:30-8pm: VBS

June 9: Child Dedication - interested in being a part of the child dedication? Talk to Megan Parker. 

June 16th - Communion: On communion weeks, we have started having your kids watch the devotional for communion from within our classroom. Once everyone is dismissed to partake of the elements, we bring all 1st-5th grade kids out into the commons area so they can meet back up with parents and you can finish out the service as a family. 

June 24-28: Junior Camp at Maranatha for 3rd-5th graders

June 30: Baptism celebration service at Little Moon Lake


Beginning Sunday, March 3th, ALL SONkidz will begin checking into classrooms at the beginning of the service (anytime after 9:45). We are incredibly blessed to have so many new kids and families attending SONrise! One result of that is that sanctuary has been getting quite full lately and we honestly want to try to avoid having to split into two services for as long as possible. Making this switch will help with that for the time being. If you desire to still have your child stay and worship with you for the first part of the service, that is just fine! For your reference, we will have some small group activities from the time kids arrive until 10:15 at which point we will start teaching the main lesson. Thank you for always being so flexible! It is a privilege to watch your children grow in their faith!

Be sure to check out our "upcoming events" section below! 


    My Story VBS

    VBS 2021 Highlights - THANK YOU to everyone who make this event possible!