It’s finally arrived!

The occasion we have been anticipating. The thing we have been preparing our hearts for. It’s CHRISTMAS!

Today is about celebrating. Celebrating the Savior who willingly left His throne to complete the work necessary to reconcile His people to Himself. In the middle of the festivities; the fun and the crazy; the happy, the sad, don’t forget to celebrate the reason for it all. Perhaps the lead up to today has been filled with rushing and busy. Maybe you have soaked in every moment, or the days have felt long and have been filled with loneliness. No matter how you enter today, don’t miss the opportunity to place Christ front and center as you enjoy fellowship with Him. He came into this earth as a babe over 2000 years ago and we celebrate because He has told us that He will come again! Hallelujah!

We have prepared this devotional for you to do in one part or two. Alone with your Savior and/or with family and friends. We encourage you to carve out time for it as a priority in your day. Then, put on your favorite Christmas playlist to fill the air as you remember the magnitude of today and celebrate the miraculous birth that came forth “At Just the Right Time.”

On behalf of the leadership of SONrise, Merry Christmas!

It all started in a stable surrounded by ordinary people who were willing to say “yes” to being available for whatever God wanted from them. That moment began a culmination of the greatest love story ever told. A Holy God who cannot be in the presence of sin – willingly sending His son to live a perfect life, demonstrate a radical new way of living and thinking and then paying the ultimate price by going to the cross in our place. 

Grab something warm and find a quiet place to sit and savor the next minutes. 

Don’t rush. 

Simply be. 

Be at rest. 

Be present. 

Be intentional.

Be listening. 

Read the following scriptures and allow the Spirit to speak to you. 

Isaiah 9:6-7 | Luke 2:1-40 | Matthew 2:1-2 | 2 Corinthians 5:17-21

Reflect. Write your thoughts in a journal, or talk to Jesus about them. 

1. What are some things that stood out to you in the passages? 

2. What are you currently hoping for from God the most right now? (big or small)

3. When you think about God’s perfect timing, what gives you encouragement in your own seasons of waiting? 

4. Thank Jesus for some of the blessings you have gotten to experience this past year.